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  • What types of salads do you deliver?
    The salads are always changing. Our salads are mostly vegetarian. If you need your salads to be exclusively vegetarian or vegan, please specify in the preferences form. Each salad contains a balance of healthy fats, proteins, complex carbs and greens. Each salad is personalized and built according to your preferences/dislikes. Sample salads include, but aren’t limited to: Black Bean Quinoa Salad Hearty Farro Salad Mediterranean Cobb Salad Greek Chickpea Salad Winter Salad with Poppyseed Dressing Cherry Tomato Caesar Salad and many more mouthwatering salads that are rotated throughout the month.
  • Do they last the entire week?
    Our salads are sealed to ensure that salads remain crispy and fresh all week long.
  • What if I have an allergy or a food that I really don’t like?
    Upon your checkout you will receive an email with a link that will give you the option to fill out your allergies and dislikes. Each salad will be custom prepared with your preferences in mind. Your preferences can be updated as often as you'd like.
  • How many salads to do I get?
    We have three options for you to choose from to fit your lifestyle: Classic Option: Each week you'll receive FIVE delicious, fresh, full meal salads delivered to your door every Sunday evening, customized to your preferences. Deluxe Option: Each week you'll receive FIVE delicious, fresh full meal salads and TWO add ons of your choice (soup, smoothies or grilled chicken) delivered to your door every Sunday evening, customized to your preferences. Lite Option: Each week you'll receive THREE delicious, fresh full meal salads and TWO add ons of your choice (soup, smoothies or grilled chicken) delivered to your door every Sunday evening, customized to your preferences.
  • If I order for me and my spouse is there a discount?
    Yes, if you order for you and your spouse there is a 10% discount off the second order. After you sign up once, just email us to add your spouse with the 10% discount and we'll take care of it for you!
  • Do I keep getting billed until I stop?
    Your subscription automatically renews each month, unless you cancel it. You can suspend or cancel at any time. To suspend or cancel your subscription, fill out these forms or Please note: we ask that you suspend the Wednesday evening before your suspended date. You will receive a credit on your account for the suspend dates. We also ask that you cancel your service BEFORE your next billing cycle to avoid any refund fees.
  • What happens with my salads if I have to travel?
    If you need to suspend your account for a week or two simply fill out this form before midnight on Wednesday prior to the week/s you need canceled. You will receive a credit on your account for the weeks you do not receive your delivery.
  • Can I choose which salads/smoothies I want?
    It's a no but yes answer. Our salads and smoothies are on a rotating menu created by Chana'la - our Health Coach founder. This is to ensure you always receive a variety of salads to maximize the health benefits. Each salad is custom built to meet each customer’s specific preferences, likes and dislikes. Upon sign up you’ll receive an email with a link to complete your delivery information as well as your preferences/ allergies etc. If you signed up already and haven't gotten the email, check your spam folder. So while you cannot 'choose' your salads each week, what you CAN DO is tell us what NOT to include in your salads, and we'll substitute or leave those unwanted foods out of your salads so you will receive YOUR perfect salad. Your preference form can be updated at any time. If there's an entire salad you don't want, we can substitute it with a duplicate of one of the other salads from that week. The salads have a nutritional label on the bottom of the container that lets you know the ingredients. The smoothies menu is online at Of course, if there is something specific you wanted our help with, just email us using our contact form.
  • How do I update my preferences?
    You can update your preferences anytime, as often as you like using our simple form
  • What areas do you deliver to?
    Salads are currently delivered – but not limited – throughout the St. Louis, MO area, to the following zip codes. If you live in a different zip code please contact us through the contact form to see if it is available. 63005, 63017, 63011, 63021, 63124, 63117, 63112, 63141, 63146, 64143, 63132, 63131, 63119, 63123, 63130, 63105, 63303, 63043, 63304, 63122
  • Is there a calorie count per salad?
    The salads range from 250 – 400 calories/salad, including the dressing.
  • Are the salads kosher?
    Yes. The salads in St. Louis and Kansas City are prepared in a kosher kitchen using all kosher certified products.
  • I don't see my question listed here, is there a way I can ask you directly?
    Of course! Please contact us through the contact form.
  • Is there a charge for delivery?
    We include FREE delivery with our Classic, Lite and Deluxe options.
  • When do you deliver?
    We deliver every Sunday between 4:30pm - 8:30pm
  • Do you provide a cooler?
    Yes, there is a one time initial charge for $20 for your cooler which will be delivered with your first salad delivery. Please leave your cooler by your front door on Sunday evening. We cannot guarantee the freshness of salads if the cooler is not available when our drivers deliver your salads.
  • Where can I access my account online to update my card?
    You can access or update your account online, including changing your payment method or details at
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