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Healthy Salads Delivered To You

Get fresh, healthy and gourmet salads delivered to your home or office every week! Jumpstart your healthy lifestyle by bringing the benefits of superfoods + salad greens straight to your doorstep, consistently. 

Unique Service
Our nutritional health coach selects the weekly salad menus, making sure you always get the right nutrients. The menus are always changing, maintaining variety from week to week.  All salads are vegetarian and 90% are vegan.


Each salad contains a balance of

  • healthy fats

  • proteins

  • complex carbs

  • greens


Use our post purchase form to specify any salad preferences you may have.

Since 2019, Salads2YourDoor has been providing full meal healthy salads to the greater St. Louis area. All salads are prepared by Chanala Rubenfeld, an Integrative Nutritional Health Coach. 

Start Getting Your Salads TODAY.


What You Get 

5 full meal salads, delivered to your door every Monday morning. This service guarantees that you stay on track with your goals, regardless of how busy you are, what kind of mood you’re in or whether you went grocery shopping or not.


It’s like having an in-house personal nutritional health coach + chef to hold you accountable and keep you on track with YOUR goals.

All salads are vegetarian ( mostly vegan) and made using organic, fresh, (mostly) gluten-free, non-GMO ingredients.

How it Works



Sign up for our weekly service. Each salad is $12.50 (+ tax), billed in 1 week increments with FREE DELIVERY.



Open your confirmation email and enter your preferences, dislikes and/or allergies.



Receive your first 5 salads on the following Monday morning by 9am.


Eat healthy every day with a variety of salads. Start feeling energized and healthy.

Optional: Suspend your delivery anytime.


Weekly Salad Service 

Five healthy, gourmet salads selected and prepared by our health coach.  Try the first week risk- free!



5 salads


Satisfied Customers

“I can't sing enough praises about salads 2 your door. If you are a busy person who doesn't have the time to shop, chop and prepare , but still want healthy and nutritious salads then salads 2 your door is what you NEED!"

— Sarah G

" My doctor was so impressed at my recent check, she asked what I did differently the past few months and the only thing I could think of was signing up to your salads. She asked for your info; she wants to sign up!" 

— Sue Ellen

"The salads look so delish! This is the best service EVER!!! I have told lots of my friends about it!"

- Emily W

" The salads are so good. Each one better than the next. I'm so glad I finally decided it was important." 

— Jennifer

"Look how skinny I got! I tell everyone! It's because of your salads!"

- I.Y.

"I ate this salad for lunch and it was even more delicious than it looks here, even this beautiful pic doesn't do it justice! Yay me for getting all those vitamins and minerals in me today!"

— Sharon Harris


The artisan gourmet salads are created by Certified Integrative Nutritional Health Coach Chanala Rubenfeld.  Salads 2 Your Door offers a simple, convenient and inexpensive solution to ensure healthy and mindful eating without all of the shopping, chopping and prep work involved.

Studies have shown that adding greens to your daily diet, on a consistent basis, significantly reduces cravings and promotes weight loss. Start reaping the benefits with a daily delicious and healthy salad.


Salads 2 Your Door is a monthly subscription.  Always be prepared to enjoy a salad at home, work, or on the go, each day of the workweek. Each salad is mindfully crafted to provide a healthy balance of vegetarian protein, healthy fats and complex carbohydrates, that are ideal for optimal health, wellness and weight-loss!  

Weekly Salad Service 

Five healthy, gourmet salads selected and prepared by our health coach.  Try the first week risk- free!



5 salads

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