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What You Get

With our CATERING salad delivery service, you’ll receive two artisan salad packages, delivered to your home or office. Each salad feeds 8-10 people and comes beautifully wrapped with salad tongs so it can go straight on your table! This guarantees that you stay on track with your goals, at events, parties and gatherings as well.

We have several additional catering options as well as larger quantities available. Please contact us through the contact form for any questions or specific orders. 

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Sign up for your catering salad delivery. Each salad feeds 8-10 people and is $55, including FREE DELIVERY. (with in delivery limits). Two salad minimum order.



Receive an email to select your salad options and then pick two salads of your choice.



Receive your catered salads on your delivery date



Enjoy delicious salads and instead of feeling overstuffed and bloated, feel energized and healthy at events, parties and gatherings .

How It Works

I'm Chanala 

I’m here to help you look and feel better than ever by making healthy eating simple, delicious & convenient. 

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