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What You Get

With our salad delivery service, you’ll receive 5 full meal salads, each customized to your preferences, delivered to your door every Sunday evening. 


Each salad comes complete with everything you need,  including a fork, so you can always be prepared to take, go and eat.  Our salads are mostly vegetarian made using organic, fresh, (mostly) gluten-free, non-GMO ingredients so you get the healthiest, heartiest meals at your doorstep for less than what you'd pay at a restaurant!


This service guarantees that you stay on track with your goals, regardless of how busy you are, what kind of mood you’re in or whether you went grocery shopping or not.


It’s like having an in-house personal nutritional health coach + chef to hold you accountable and keep you on track with YOUR goals.

Substitution Options 



Receive two servings (32 ounce container each) of a different soup, each week. 


smoothieS OR
Non Fat GREEK yogurt parfaits*

Receive two servings (16 ounce containers) of blended smoothies ready to enjoy or two servings of non fat greek yogurt, berries topped with our superfood loaded granols!


grilled chickenOR

grilled salmon*

Receive two servings of individually packaged pieces of grilled chicken or grilled salmon instead of or to add to the salad of your choice.

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