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6 Tips To Avoid Overeating On Thanksgiving

So, the official "eating frenzy" is about to begin and I want you to know that you can STILL enjoy this time of year and not have that worry about gaining weight, feeling restricted and thinking you can't eat that yummy looking dessert!

Here are my 6 tips to help you stay on track with your health and wellness goals while still enjoying the family gatherings and parties time of year.


Set an intention for how you would like your evening to go. Do you want to make sure to drink enough water? Eat slowly? Fill your plate once? Etc. Decide on what you would like to do to help you stay on track and set those intentions. Be intentional about what foods you say “yes” and “no” to when you are offered something tasty at a gathering. Go prepared to have one thing you really want and limit your (mindless) snacking. Little snacks here and there throughout the evening quickly add up. If you aren’t intentional, before you know it, you will slip into bad habits surrounding your relationship with food that will carry over into the days and weeks following.


Start your day off with a healthy breakfast so that by the time you sit down to your meal you won’t be starving. I get it, we wake up and hit the ground running. It is so easy to forget to eat and sometimes we make ourselves believe there isn’t time for a quick bite. No EXCUSE! Breakfast and a good, healthy one at that, is a must.


We often mistake thirst for hunger. Make sure that you are properly hydrated before heading out. That will help you avoid unnecessary snacking and overeating. Take a water bottle with you and refill it as needed. Drink water throughout the day, have a glass before, during and after your meal. You will have a desire to eat less since you will feel fuller and your thirst is satisfied.


It’s easy to lose track of what you are eating when you take a little nibble here, a bite there and take spoonfuls of tastes in the kitchen. It adds up quickly without you even realizing it. Limiting your eating to sitting down to a plated meal, allows you to get an accurate picture of what you are eating. You will be able to monitor your portions and have the visual satisfaction of a plated complete meal. Make yourself a plate, sit down and enjoy it.


Fill up your plate with lots greens, first and then eat them first. Starting off your meal with greens, which are chock-full of nutrients and fiber, will help start your meal with a healthy tone. This not only ensures a balanced meal and also fills you up so that you don’t go overboard on empty calories. Because greens are low in calories and high in fiber, you will feel full and won’t crave as much of the unhealthy options that often find its way to the dinner table during this time of year. It takes your brain about 20 minutes to realize you are full. By using this tip you will even have room and enough “un-used calories” for dessert. With delivering artisan salads straight to your door, you can ensure that you have those healthy, nutritious and delicious greens to fill up on at your Thanksgiving table.


Ha! did somebody say dessert? Yes I did! Don’t deprive yourself of a sweet treat, indulge a little bit, just don’t eat everything on the dessert table. Decide which dessert you really want, take one serving and savor and enjoy every bite of it! If you’ve used some of the tips above, you have no reason to feel bad about this indulgence. You deserve it! Plus, trying not to have any sweets could send you into a moment of weakness that will result in a plate full of a variety of goodies you devour. DON’T DO IT!

I hope these tips help you to feel confident about enjoying the many different parties and holiday events this time of year. is a artisan salad delivery service that will deliver delicious, artisan salads straight to your door for your Thanksgiving dinner and every Sunday evening throughout the year! Perfect for your Thanksgiving meal or as a gift for your hostess. Stay on track with your health and wellness goals this holiday season. FREE DELIVERY

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