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4 tips to successfully creating habits

I saw the greatest quote today. The difference between who you are and who you want to be, is what you do. It’s the actions that count. Most of us know what we aren’t doing correctly when it comes to being healthy. Truth is, most of us know what we need to do to get there. They key is being able to take action consistently to create habits so that we can reach our goals. This is where most people have a difficult time. Creating habits.

Being able to create the habit means that the action is something that comes natural to you. It is easy as riding a bike or reversing out of your driveway. Initially, you had to work hard and focus on those skills. Now, you can probably do them (almost) with your eyes closed. When we have healthy habits, we no longer have to work and struggle, it comes naturally. That is when leading a healthy lifestyle becomes EASY. And, that is what I want for YOU!

Here are 4 simple tips to help you successfully create healthy habits.

  1. Commit to stick to practicing your habit for at least a month. It takes 21-30 days to create a habit. A month is a short term commitment. It isn’t something that you will commit to do indefinitely, which can become overwhelming. It has an end. It is short term. Yet, it is long enough to become a habit.

  2. Commit daily. The consistency of doing the same action every day helps create a habit. Skipping days makes it harder for your body to get into a routine of doing it regularly. It’s better to exercise for 15 minutes every day then to exercise for an hour 3 times a week. Get your body into that rhythm.  

  3. Start small. Be realistic. Don’t set expectations that you won’t realistically be able to keep. Start with mini steps and then build to bigger habits.

  4. Set yourself up for success. Set up reminders. Have visuals of what you have to do for your habit. Set a reminder on your phone, leave your gym shoes in the car, make up to meet a buddy to exercise, leave your water bottle out on the counter. Create the environment so that you can succeed.

You can watch the video where I explain it more here:

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to your health, xxx

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