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5 healthy ways to boost your energy... NOW

So... we all know it, the busy mom afternoon slump. When your house is upside down and you look at the clock and calculate how many more hours are left until bedtime. And that's when realization hits that you have quite a few more hours "to go" even though it feels like it is midnight already.

Then starts muttering under our breath, "I think I can, I know I can..." while you quickly reach for another cup of coffee, that can of diet coke or that half eaten laffy taffy lying on the counter, whatever energy you can find to get you through those next few hours of dinner (aka coming up with 6 different dinners in hopes that your child will just eat something) baths (aka un-stuffing the toilet, cleaning up the overflowing tub of bubbles since your little one emptied the entire bottle of soap into the bath) and bedtime routines (aka reading the same book 15 times until the sweet sound of snoring fills the room). We've all been there. Those days that feel like they will never end and all you want to do it crawl into bed and go to sleep, even if it is only 4:30 in the afternoon.

More than knowing what to do... it's about having the healthy mindset and being in the right frame of mind to make leading a healthy lifestyle, doable! Join the FREE 5 day healthy mindset challenge here:

If only we had half as much energy as our little ones, we'd be ok, right?! Well, I've got some secret healthy energy boosters and I'm here to share them with YOU! Whenever you are feeling a little drained, tired, sluggish or just not as energetic as you'd like, try one of these tips! They will help you feel energized and rejuvenated in no time at all! (and bonus... you won't have to deal with that horrible cycle of the sugar rush that is followed by the energy low, these are all natural ways to boost your energy and keep you feeling pumped all day long!)

DRINK WATER. Very often we are dehydrated, which leads to fatigue. If you're feeling a bit sluggish, try drinking 1-2 cups of water. (ideally we should be drinking 8+ cups of water a day)  

GET OUTSIDE. The fresh air, the sun shining and the birds chirping is a great way to help us feel more alive. If you can't get outside... open those curtains and pull up those shades and let the sun shine in! 📷

EAT ENERGIZING FOODS. Food that have a lot of viamin Bs are great for energy boosters. Try adding some chia seeds or nutritional yeast to your lunch or afternoon snack. They’re packed with a revitalizing combo of B vitamins, fiber, and protein, so they pick you up without making you jittery. Think adding chia seeds to some apple and almond butter for a late afternoon revitalizing snack.

DRINK ENERGIZING DRINKS. (not coffee or soda!) Kombucha. Kombucha is a fermented (carbonated) tea that also has vitamin b.  Because it is carbonated our body absorbs it quicker so that means all the good things of Kombucha (probiotics, vitamin B etc) get into our body quicker, which leads to more energy! 

GET MOVING. - Try a mid day workout to get your blood flowing and your energy boosted. Can't get in a full workout? Try 📷doing some jumping jacks, turn on the music and get in a quick dance session or even walk around the block. Get your kids to join you!! And if you can't fit that in... do some stretches and/or take a few deep breathes.  You got this!! I'm cheering you on!

To your health xxx - Chanala

More than knowing what to do... it's about your mindset and being in the right frame of mind to make leading a healthy lifestyle, doable! Are you ready to stop making excuses and get the body you want? Real weight loss starts with the right mindset. I’ll show you how small, simple shifts in thinking can lead to a HUGE transformation. 

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