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Berry Parfait. Dairy free. Sugar free. Yet beyond delicious!!

Nothing says summertime to me more than fresh, juicy fruit. Summer means going to the farms to pick heaping baskets of fresh juicy strawberries. Stopping by the farmers stand on the side of the road for some home grown fuzzy peaches. It means finishing off a bbq with fresh grilled pineapple, topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, of course.

This year we celebrated the last day of school by going to pick strawberries. We came home tired and sweaty with strawberry stained faces and clothes and way more strawberries then we knew what to do with. For the next three days all we ate were strawberries. Strawberry muffins, strawberry pancakes, strawberry ice cream, strawberry soup and even strawberry salsa on our salmon.

But, by far, my most favorite way to enjoy strawberries is with a strawberry parfait. I love it as an indulgent breakfast, an afternoon snack or even for dessert. I use unsweetened coconut milk which is a great alternative if you are trying to avoid dairy and of course, it doesn't have all that extra added sugar. I've been topping it with a dollop of tahini. Mmmm. It adds that perfect balance of healthy fat and that delicious nutty flavor. Shirley Bar makes the most delicious, flavorful raw tahini I've ever tasted with fresh sesame seeds straight from Ethiopia. I order mine from Amazon.

I love adding a little bit of my home-made granola as well. Granola is one of those super easy things to make and the benefits are huge! You can control how much and what type of sweetener as well as fats you used, ensuring that you have a super healthy granola instead of those sugar and unhealthy fat laden ones from the store. You can get my simple granola recipe here. 

Seriously, I can't get enough of these delicious, sweet, guilt-free parfaits. I've literally been eating them ALL. SUMMER. LONG! Good thing I can enjoy it without having to worry about all that sugar that is usually in most parfaits!

And by now you know me, if I make it, it has to be quick and easy. These literally take two minutes to put together and then you can savor the deliciousness for hours!! So go ahead, make these tonight and take a few minutes to enjoy them while you relax outside in your backyard as the sun starts to set or in your cold air conditioned house after the kids go to bed. ;)

xxx, to your health and enjoying summertime treats,

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