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Cherry Limeade Pops

You need to add making these cherry limeade pops on your  bucket list this summer. They are absolutely delicious! I don't really have much more to say about them, ha ha. Usually bloggers have reasons and stories about what prompted them to create their recipes.


I'm not sure if this disqualifies me as a blogger?!? Or, maybe it's that my mind is always running in so many different directions that I can't exactly pinpoint or remember when an idea pops into my head. I just know that I wanted to make a refreshing popsicle for my kids to enjoy after a long day at camp. When I was a kid we always had "foxie pops" or those push up popsicles loaded with sugar, food coloring and maybe some water. I have the best child hood memories around ripping off the top with our teeth, sucking until the popsicle turned white and our mouths and hands got sticky. As much as I loved them as a kid, I needed something a bit healthier for my boys.

They love cherries. And cherries + lime = summer perfection. Add some coconut cream and yogurt for that creamy texture and boom - you've got a winning summer treat on your hands that takes no time at all to make.

Did you know that cherries are one of the highest fruits in antioxidants? Eating food high in antioxidants is important to fight free radicals which help slow signs of aging and may reduce the risk of cancer. Cherries are high in vitamin C which contributes to the high antioxidant levels, but also helps keep our immune systems strong. They are a good source of potassium and melatonin which helps to regulate our sleep cycles. It sounds like the perfect fruit!

This is a super easy recipe to follow and only requires mixing everything in the blender. Let the kids get involved in making them, it will keep them entertained and give them something to look forward to while they wait for them to freeze. Or, better yet, make them when they're not home so that you don't have to listen to them ask you 100 times if they're ready yet... and have a delicious treat waiting for them when they get home!!

Cherry Limeade Pops

Ingredients 1 cup almond milk

1 cup full fat coconut milk

1 cup vanilla yogurt (coconut, greek etc)

1/4 cup lime juice

1 tsp lime zest

2 tbsp honey

1 tsp vanilla

1 bag frozen cherries (16 oz)

Instructions 1. Mix everything, minus the cherries, in a blender. 2. Add the cherries and blend for a short time so that there are still visible chunks of cherries. 3. Pour into a popsicle mold.

4. Add in a popsicle stick.

5. Freeze for 6 hours or overnight.

To your health, xxx


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