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Mother's Day Gift Giving Guide

While I believe everyday is Mother’s Day, it’s fun to have a day set aside to pamper and show our appreciation to the Moms who do so much for us, even if that’s YOU! You deserve to treat yourself as well! I have some fun Mother’s Day gift ideas for you to give yourself or feel free to share this link as a little hint.

Breakfast in Bed - Ah, as a mom who is always making breakfast for everyone, my favorite way to start Mother’s Day is with breakfast in bed. Check out these healthy waffle recipes that even your little ones can make, with some assistance. And, don’t forget dessert, some chocolate, perhaps!?

The Gift of Health - As busy moms, we sometimes forget to take care of ourselves. With a 6 month health coaching package, learn how to lose weight, feel ahhhmazing and never have to diet again! Lead a truly healthy life that gives you more freedom, not less. That allows you to eat the foods you love, not deprive yourself of them! 

Exercise - For a more active experience, how about a voucher for an exercise class, tennis lessons or personal  training sessions. Bring along a friend, working out together can help you both  get better results!

In the Kitchen - This Instant Pot  is my lifesaver and would be a perfect gift for any busy mom. I can literally prepare a delicious and healthy dinner, anything from meatballs and spaghetti to veggie lasagna for my family in less than 15 minutes. I post lots of healthy Instant Pot recipes in the Busy and Healthy Moms facebook group.

A Fun Day with the Family - Usually mom are the ones who organize the outing schedule, prepare the snacks and pack the car! Let someone else take over the reigns this Mother’s Day while you Mom puts her feet up. Plan a picnic or a hike, a visit to her favorite museum. Maybe take the kids out bowling or roller skating and let mom relax at home.

However you celebrate Mother’s Day, I hope it is a fun and love-filled day!

to your health, xxx

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This course is perfect for busy moms who just won’t give up on being healthy. Take it from these busy moms:

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