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Things I'm Loving

Hello. Welcome. To my very first blog post. Woot!Woot! Being a mom is one of the most time-consuming, all encompassing and of course, one of the most rewarding jobs in the world. But, sometimes it leaves us feeling depleted, with very little time for ourselves. I'll be sharing how taking time for yourself, taking care of yourself and leading a healthy life is really do-able, no matter how busy of a mom you are. I hope you'll join me along for this ride.

First up, INDULGENCES!! Because life is all about enjoying and indulging every once in a while, I wanted to share some treats that I am loving these days that wont leave you feeling too guilty. 📷


These GF/Vegan marshmallows are perfect to have on hand for those cold and chilly evenings. My kids love using the fireplace to roast marshmallows while watching a movie during movie nights. I stock up on them here.3 ingredient chocolate. Need I say more?! These individual packs by Heavenly Organics are perfect to sneak in your kid's lunch for a mid-day treat or for a late night indulgence for yourself .I love when treats come in individual packages; it makes it easier to control what you eat and get familiar with proper/healthy portion sizes. I buy them by the case.I always have a Larabar hiding in my purse, the glove compartment and in my diaper bag (although with the twins being recently toiled-trained, I might not be carrying that diaper bag around much longer... time to find a new "hide-out" spot for them). Simple ingredients that satisfy my sweet tooth, hunger or when I am just in the mood for a "nosh". This assorted box has a great variety of flavors from chocolate chip cookie dough to apple pie. Order them here and you'll have them at your doorstep in no time at all.

Happy Indulging! xoxo


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