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Weekly Menu

>>>> Set your intentions for the week ahead. People who plan. ACHIEVE. <<<<<<

{WEEKLY MENU. I will be posting the recipes through out the week here.}

SUNDAY: chicken burrito bowl (made up of leftovers)

  1. MONDAY: bbq tempeh over veggie loaded angel hair primavera with warm edamame saladTUESDAY: Avocado, white bean and red cabbage wraps with creamy carrot miso soupWEDNESDAY: I am going to attempt to make sweet potato gnocchi with tri colored pepper and snap pea quinoaTHURSDAY: Mediterranean Pizza (gf crust)FRIDAY: Coffee-braised brisket with sweet potatoes, chickpea and dill sauteeAre you trying any new recipes this week?! Comment below and let me know what's cookin in your kitchen this week!

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